Leasing includes finding a tenant, organizing demonstrations of the object with the company’s specialists visiting the place, preparing a package of necessary documents and concluding a lease agreement.

Renting includes the selection of real estate in accordance with your wishes, the organization of viewings of the most suitable objects, the preparation of a package of necessary documents and the conclusion of a lease agreement.


The companies cooperate with the largest management companies. Our partners offer comprehensive management services for your property incl. long-term and short-term (daily) rent, as well as a new type of management – guaranteed rent. These services include:

  • search for tenants, negotiating, concluding and terminating lease agreements,
  • control over the timely payment of rent,
  • receipt of payment and its transfer to the current account of the owner of the property,
  • payment for utilities and other services related to the operation of real estate,
  • control over the fulfillment of all obligations in accordance with the real estate lease agreement,
  • monitoring the condition of the property and its technical operation,
  • ordering and/or organizing repairs,
  • representation of the interests of the owner in companies providing public services, as well as in controlling organizations, if it concerns the current management of real estate,
  • real estate insurance.


If you want to get regular rent every month and not have to worry about a thing, guaranteed rent is ideal.

The management company will rent your apartment, after which it will find a reliable subtenant and check it for debts. The company assumes all risks associated with the downtime of the apartment and pays the agreed rent even if the apartment is not occupied or paid. At the same time, the company decides for you all issues related to the subtenant and real estate.

Benefits of a guaranteed rental:

  • a guarantee of regular income (even if tenants do not pay or the property is idle),
  • no worries with tenants, real estate and repairs,
  • no risk of non-payers, interruptions in payment or property damage.

Cost of the service: based on the inspection of the property, the management company will set the market value of the lease; the company will deduct a 15% commission from the market value, and the remaining amount is your guaranteed income.


Classic view of real estate management. The management company will take care of everything related to rental and management. Communication with tenants, utility companies and government agencies will be taken over by your personal administrator. The company will monitor the validity of lease agreements and find new tenants in time so that your apartment does not stand idle.

The management company will pay advances for utilities and other payments, and your net income will come to your bank account or be transferred in cash.

Service cost: 10% of the monthly rent.


Renting an apartment to tourists for a period of several days to six months. The popularity of short-term rentals is growing worldwide, and guests are attracted by the large size of apartments, the presence of a kitchen) and the best price compared to a hotel room.

This service is intended for owners of real estate located in the city center or in a touristic area.

First, the management company will analyze whether a short-term rental strategy is beneficial for your property (this type of rental can be 50-100% more profitable than a long-term rental). After the conclusion of the contract, the company will take full care of your apartment, will find and accommodate guests, organize cleaning and laundry, and will take care of all the hassle of managing the facility.

The cost of the service: after reviewing the parameters of the property, you will be drawn up an individual price offer.