Active property search

There are several sources from which you can get information about real estate in Australia:

  • websites of various real estate agencies;
  • Newspapers, television and radio broadcasts;
  • press, which can be taken free of charge in the supermarket;
  • other sources of information.

For example, you can also go to the area where you would like to settle, navigate the area, look for suitable housing that is for sale. It is easy to determine this by the corresponding signs in front of the houses – selling, for sale. Such plates usually indicate the contact phone number of the owner or real estate agent. Write down the number or call right away so you don’t miss your chance. But it’s best to collect a few offers, and then deal with calls to agents.

Contact a real estate agency that has an office in the area and ask what exactly they can offer you specifically in accordance with your needs and opportunities. I note that on weekends the houses that are for sale are open to the public. You can just go to the house for a tour of about 15-20 minutes. If you like the house, you can immediately discuss the details of the purchase with a real estate agent who will certainly be on site. If you’re considering buying a house, ask your agent for a copy of the contract so you can review it first.

Alternatively, you can also contact an agent and ask them to give you a personal tour of the house you like, but many agencies do not welcome such offers, and therefore you may be advised to come on a day when access to the house is open to everyone.

You can choose a compromise:

during the week, look for offers on the Internet, on Friday visit real estate agencies and collect invitations to open-home visits, on Saturday try to get into as many houses as possible to get your bearings, and on Sunday you can just drive around the area by car and look for new signs that report the sale of a particular house. During the search, do not forget about the work of agents, try to establish maximum contact with them. Remember that the process of finding the right home is not easy, but it is worth the time spent.

If you look for a house for quite a long time, you will definitely work with one agency, where you will always be happy to provide all possible assistance. When interacting with real estate agents, remember that you must provide them with relevant information that will certainly help in finding the right home. The agent needs to know what kind of accommodation you are looking for, what location criteria you prefer, the cost range, your individual requests and wishes, for example, the presence of a garage, a pool, and so on.

If you decide to cooperate with several agencies, this is the best choice. For example, it may be that the same house is being sold by several agencies at once, so you will only benefit from such cooperation.

If you don’t like the agent, just change it. Remember that a good agent has a lot of different tricks in his arsenal that you may not like, since his main goal is to sell the house at a bargain price and charge a commission for the operation to his account. So be vigilant.

You can also meet normal agents, but for this you need to at least look like open-homes for a while. Then you will already have some information about the business you are doing.

When making a deal, also remember that a good home usually sells quickly, while a bad one can be posted on the site for a long time.

The general condition of the house, bathroom, floor, walls, ceilings, etc. The slope of the land plot, the state of the backyard territory, wires, drainage. Crime situation in the area and neighbors. The best way to determine the level of well-being of the area, arriving here on a Friday evening. Just stay here for half an hour and you will be able to assess the noise level and the general situation near your future home.

If you are interested in the offer, ask the agent for a copy of the contract. Read several times, focus on especially important points.