How to rent property

Choosing an apartment is the first step to a deal

Hundreds of clients contact the real estate agency every day: rent, purchase, sale of housing is relevant at any time. And we help clients to make transactions according to the law and choose the perfect apartment or house.

Before buying a new home, you need to clearly define for yourself what it will be like. Create a brief for yourself, where there will be all the important questions, and then answer them. Typically, clients are interested in the following points:

  • Resale or new home?
  • Area? Suburb?
  • Is there a parking space?
  • How far is the school, kindergarten, shop, clinic?
  • Transport accessibility?
  • Footage and floor, the presence of a balcony?
  • Type of building, availability of an elevator.

By answering these questions, you will get a general picture of the future apartment and will be able to understand its general appearance. We highly recommend doing this to make it easier for agents to find options that suit you and save you time. If the client comes with a clear picture of what they want, then the transaction is completed very quickly. But if the client does not know what he wants, then the search for housing may take several months or a year.

Choosing an agency is the second step to a future purchase

The realtor and the agency will accompany your transaction from viewing to the transfer of money and keys. Therefore, you need to correctly evaluate the company to which you entrust the search. So here are some recommendations:

  • before choosing a real estate agency, chat on the forums with other buyers – so you can learn from both positive and negative experiences and weed out about 30% of companies;
  • check out the staff – remember that a specific realtor will work with you, so study who works in the agency;
  • study the database – the larger the range of apartments, the better for you;
  • choose by quality, not price – a cheap commission is good, but will such an office be able to fulfill all your desires?

We recommend reading reviews on the Internet about the chosen agency, asking friends or relatives, and only then go there with your money.

Communication with the owner – halfway to your home

Once the realtor has provided you with options, the hard part begins – you will communicate with the owners of the apartments, inspect the conditions and try to find flaws. Even in an ideal apartment they are, and not all owners talk about them. In the process of communication, check with the owner:

  • Is he the property owner?
  • Who lives next door?
  • How many owners did the apartment have?
  • What are the problems in the home?
  • Why did he decide to sell the apartment?

Also pay attention to smells, creaking floors, the condition of windows, doors, ceilings. If repairs can be done at the entrance, then doing it annually, because a neighbor regularly floods you or a corner is constantly damp, is expensive.

Ideally, invite an appraiser to a meeting with a realtor, he will immediately tell you what flaws there are in the apartment.

The company is suitable in all respects for those who want to entrust their transaction to professionals. We have a huge database of apartments and offer our clients financial and legal support for the transaction.

  • experienced employees;
  • transparent contract;
  • no additional fees for transactions;
  • professional lawyers;
  • vast experience in the market;
  • operational impressions and presence at all stages of the transaction.

The company fully accompanies its clients until the closing of the transaction, helping at every stage. Our clients always leave satisfied and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances