Benefits of rental management for your rental

Benefits of rental management

However, owners are quick to recognize the limitations of this system: leasing requires significant management time. In addition, rental housing requires knowledge, to put it mildly, in terms of rental property, while not forgetting certain interpersonal skills.

Save time with a concierge:

Manage rental property can be very time consuming. If you are not renting a room in the accommodation where you permanently live, it takes less time. You are present here every day and therefore you can easily greet travelers: there is no need to travel. The maintenance and presentation of the premises is also facilitated: the premises can be maintained on a daily basis and the presentation of places is carried out more naturally, without time limits. On the other hand, things get tricky when housing is not where you live. Regular travel, sometimes daily, is to be expected. As a result, the time allocated to managing a lease is rapidly increasing.

As rental management professionals, our team is ready to welcome travelers with every new rental. Welcome, handover of keys, presentation of places, tips and tricks are included in our Services. You know that your tenants are in good hands and have all the information they need to enjoy your apartment. To become a rental management specialist in Cannes, the team will be able to advise travelers so they can make the most of their stay at your accommodation.

Concierge for day to day management:

Whoever talks about renting a house says that there are many trips on a daily basis. This is especially true for seasonal and short-term rentals. Travelers keep a close eye on each other during this beautiful time of the year and regularly even during the low season. This durable walkway in a rented space naturally requires significant daily maintenance. Your concierge, offers housekeeping services. Your travelers always arrive in clean and healthy rooms. The laundry is also updated automatically and consumables (soap, hygiene products, etc.) are replaced as needed.

Our mission extends to the management of unforeseen events. Our 24/7 Support service gives you peace of mind: if there is a problem with your rental, it will be taken care of. This way, your tenant will know where to go and you won’t have to rush. This 24/7 home maintenance service allows you to have peace of mind every day and delegate control of the unexpected in the near future. By ensuring the hygiene and safety of the property, you can be sure that your tenants will have everything they need to fully enjoy their stay in their holiday rentals.